Easter is on April 8th

Hop in and celebrate Easter!

Celebrating Easter will help you create a more meaningful, tasty and crafty Easter than you’ve ever celebrated before! Whether you’re partying with a large group or gathering with just a few intimate family members, we’ve got all the tips and tricks to make your event a success.

We’ll make your Easter complete with information on the history of Easter and its symbols, crafty project ideas, egg decorating tips, unique home trimmings, tasty recipes and easy shopping so you can find everything you need to pull your celebration together.

Our Traditions section clarifies the highly controversial history of Easter so you can find your own definition of what it means to celebrate the holiday. We also explore traditions across the world, giving you a glimpse of how the celebration has morphed in different cultures. We’ll even sort out the mysteries of why Easter’s date changes - and why the Easter Bunny seems to lay eggs!

We’ll bring you wonderful ideas for coloring Easter eggs in a number of different ways in our Crafts section. You can marbleize your eggs, dye them using a wax-resist method, create little Easter critters with your eggs or even practice a little Ukrainian Pysanky using our clear directions. Use natural dyes, food coloring, crêpe paper or paint to bring some color into your Easter celebration!

Food is a big part of Easter celebrations everywhere, so we have included some traditional recipes for you to experiment with - whip up our tasty Easter custard for something different, or try your hand at making fresh hot cross buns. We also have quick and easy recipes to help fill your kids’ Easter baskets with homemade chocolate treats!

Finally, it wouldn’t be Easter without fun and games! If you have a large group coming, it always pays to be ready with some really great activities. Even if it’s just you and your close family, having an egg throw or playing the shell crack game will bring you closer together and help you make some great Easter memories.

Sounds like a lot of fun, but a lot of work too? We’ll help you get organized by providing you with helpful shopping links to pull your entire event together.

And when the day finally comes, just remember to keep your camera ready for all those perfect picture opportunities!